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We proudly rent Sea Doo and Yamaha equipment.  Take your choice and have fun.

Questions on the weather, just call.  It may be rainy where you are, but beautiful at the beach.


Jet Ski Tours & Rentals in
Clearwater, Florida

What Do I Need to
Know before Renting?
At Gulfside Jet Ski Rentals, we want you to experience as much fun as possible. We also want you to be as safe as possible. You are required to follow all rules and regulations when renting a personal watercraft.

? All drivers must have a valid government ID(passports are okay), that show picture, DOB, issuing agency, and expiration date.

? Operators born after January 1st 1988 must have a Florida boating education ID card. A temporary test is offered on site. Click here to read the Safe Boating study guide before you come, and here for your code to give the rental guides. 
If you want to take the test and get a lifetime license use the link at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, or the Boating Authority associated with your state.  All state boaters cards (NASBLA approved courses) are honored.

? Operators 16 to 17 years of age must have parents AND photo id present to rent.

? A deposit and damage waiver is required
(credit card imprint).
Don't be fooled by other prices!  Our price includes gas, and passengers.  NO surprises!!  Florida does require sales tax, sorry folks, still have to pay the big house!

? Ticket Policies - All sales are final. Tickets are non-refundable and no refunds will be issued for early ride termination, especially those terminated due to UNSAFE behavior. You may reschedule your tickets with 24 hours notice. Any no show will be charged in full. Weather factors are not penalized for cancellations.

Advance purchase recommended!
Book a Jet Ski Tour in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Tickets can be purchased by calling us
at (727) 272-4115

especially those terminated due to UNSAFE behavior. 


Woman on a Jet Ski, Jet Ski Rentals in Clearwater, FL

Man on a Jet Ski, Jet Ski Rentals in Clearwater, FL